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West Virginia University Institutional accounting, reporting & Analysis

Our team provides and promotes accurate accounting and financial reporting for WVU and WVU Research Corporation. We are committed to improving controls and providing superior analytical support and oversight of accounting functions to the campus.


  • Chart of Accounts
  • Departmental Activity List
  • Expenditure Line Item Definitions
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  • Function Codes and Definitions
  • Forms
  • Mapping Information
  • Revenue Line Items-By Number
  • Revenue Line Item Definitions
  • Year End Close Memos
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  • An Introduction to the General Ledger 
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  • The GL Accounting String [video]
  • Funds Available Inquiry [pdf] 
  • Account Inquiry (Actual) [pdf] 
  • Account Inquiry (Budget) [pdf] 
  • Account Inquiry (Encumbrance) [pdf] 
  • GL Standard Reports[pdf] 
  • FSG Reports [pdf] 
  • Changing a FSG Report [video]
  • Running or Scheduling an FSG as a Standard Report [pdf] 
  • Running an FSG Report with Account Ranges [pdf] 


Our Team

  • Organizational Chart
  • Staff Directory


    Audited Financial Statements

      2023 [pdf]
    2018 [pdf]
      2017  [pdf]
      2016  [pdf]
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      2014  [pdf]
      2013  [pdf]
      2012  [pdf]
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    • Federal Compliance Audits

    2023 [pdf]
        2018 [pdf]
      2017  [pdf]
      2016  [pdf]
      2015  [pdf]
      老王加速最新版  [pdf]
      2013  [pdf]
      2012  [pdf]
      2011  [pdf]



    • WVU-Accounting Policies


    • HEPC-WV Higher Education Policy Commission
    • WV Comprehensive Annual Financial Report


    • AICPA-American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
    • FASB-Financial Accounting Standards Board
    • GASB-Governmental Accounting Standards Board
    • GFOA-Government Finance Officers Association
    • NACUBO-National Association of College & University Business Officers
    • SACUBO-Southern National Association of College & University Business Officers

    Strategic Initiatives

    Administrative Financial Planning

    Budget Planning

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    Revenue Services

    Risk Management

    Financial Projects and Compliance

    Tax Services

    Treasury Operations

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